Day 85

Who ever says,

Giving birth is a wonderful feeling

Is lying.

You are fooled into believing

About it being a beautiful feeling.

It is but only a responsibility,

It is hard work,

It is expectations and emotional distress.

Stop following the herd.

Stop populating the world

That is already over-populated.

Open your eyes India look around,

You are feeding those innocent mouths

By stealing,

By becoming inhuman

With greed

With a selfish hope

That they will be your only support

When you are old.


One thought on “Shame

  1. I think giving birth has been promoted like joining the armed forces, offering promises of pride and glory if you only swear your loyalty to the cause. It may be a subversive advertising technique of all things commercial to keep the cycle of life putting money in the banks.

    After all, without new customers, who will replace those who cannot or will not continue to afford merchandise? Who will make the merchandise and robots that replace them? Who will defend the country while the “smarter” folks make decisions behind white walls? And, who will replace those who wither and die in the command positions they hold so long?

    I suspect even some look at giving birth like a lottery. There has been that long-time trend of valuing a boy over a girl because the boy can be an “heir to the throne” while the girl is what?…a piece of meat for sale? A lady of the evening?

    Although, something you said at the end is thought-provoking. It is a concern of the ego, perhaps, or just reality to consider who will look after you when you are no longer able to fend for yourself. If we were more in tune with nature, we’d probably wander off in the woods and be surprised by some vicious predator feeding off the weakest of us; we’d be a better part of the cycle of life. Instead, we are “domesticated” and “civil” and weakened by concern for our well-being, convinced we may need pills and machines to keep us living…for what? So family doesn’t weep? So someone keeps milking our hard-earned money?

    I suppose, in a strange way, it is better to look at having kids as a means of ensuring a support system for yourself/the family than to have kids simply for the “fun” of it, as some claim it to be. Yes, some get a strange thrill out of announcing they are pregnant and/or hearing about those who are. It gives them a reason to get cakes and baby items; it gives reason for another party to chase away the material-world blues. It’s like taking a trip and having someone want you to bring them a souvenir or tell some exciting story about what happened. I’ve had people “pressure” me to take more of these trips just to entertain them; though they won’t admit this and say they just want me to live a fuller life.

    And, it’s tragic to think of growing old and finding yourself stuck in some “home” with other old folks being drugged til they croak just because humans are getting tired of caring for each other for whatever reason.


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