Day 85

Who ever says,

Giving birth is a wonderful feeling

Is lying.

You are fooled into believing

About it being a beautiful feeling.

It is but only a responsibility,

It is hard work,

It is expectations and emotional distress.

Stop following the herd.

Stop populating the world

That is already over-populated.

Open your eyes India look around,

You are feeding those innocent mouths

By stealing,

By becoming inhuman

With greed

With a selfish hope

That they will be your only support

When you are old.

World Hunger Day

Silver foils, empty plates

Hungry kids stop and stare.

Dried lips, messy hair

Are you here to beg?

But should be out there to play

Or is this your new game?

We throw away and waste.

Children out there are waiting to be fed.

A little more care, a little less greed

Can maybe feed the ones in need.

Protect and educate

Love and care

Let’s improve what we can today

Be humble and nice to everyone you meet.