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Into Words

I have always had a lifelong dream to publish my own book. Today I am proud to say that my first Kindle book and Paperback of, Into Words is live on the Amazon store. I urge you to please have a look.

This is a link to Amazon US, however you can get it in almost any country by searching for “Into Words Nuraine Sadaf” on Amazon. 

Into Words, includes more than fifty poems and it is a collection of my thoughts that are expressed in the form of poetry on various themes like,
– Seasons
– Love
– Fantasies
– Emotions
– Hope

If you believe in the healing power of poetry and its ability to do good in the world, I urge you to create more poetry and also support my humble contributions. 

Thank you for following and liking my blog posts from which I have received the encouragement and courage to self publish my first poetry book. 

Thank you and ever so grateful.

Please do buy! 🙂