Why Do I Fear

Day 69

Fear, dear lord the fear!

Overtaking my senses.

Consuming my saneness.

How do I overcome it?

How do I remain calm?

Teach me to stop stressing,

And quit overthinking.

With deep breaths of air,

I try exhaling out my dark fears

What is the cause of this weakness?

When I have been brave before.

Guess only I can save myself,

From these unreasonable

Bouts of fear.


3 thoughts on “Why Do I Fear

  1. I think we would need to both sit on a couch to fully discuss our fears. I can’t adequately explain all that troubles me at the moment. I used to fear death more than I do now, and more bugs than I now respect and just relocate when they get in my personal space. But, as I age, other fears take their place.

    Are your fears more common or simpler?


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