By Her Side

I am not a dragon,
I do not have a horde.
I am trapped inside this empty dark cave
With no shiny heaps of gold.

I wander aimlessly in the darkness with no real goal.
I wonder what’s in my destiny,
Is there a purpose for this existence?
I curl up in a corner and sleep like every other day.
But, who’s here today?
A little boy has walked into the cave.

He stands in front of me fearlessly and smiles.
I snarl, smoke rises from my nostrils.
He steps forward cautiously, his hand reaching towards me.
I curl deeper into the cave.
He waits patiently, his soul emitting an aura of kindness.
I rise up and breathe fire.
The boy as small as a shrimp near my feet,
Watched me in awe with no fear.
The cave was no ordinary one,
The fire melted the layer of soot away and revealed walls of gold.
The cave shone like the sun in the darkness of the night,
With a mighty dragon queen and a little boy as a guiding star by her side. 

I Must Not Fear

“I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only I will remain.”

– Frank Herbert, Dune.

Forever Confused

Day 84

There’s a fear, some constant kind of worry.

Where do I begin?

What do I put my finger on,

To understand what’s bothering me.

To start off with – there’s uncertainty.

Towards where do I guide my life’s story?

All along is but a hazy endless path.

Then there’s overthinking about life.

The purpose and plan –

To make it worthwhile.

But nothing ever seems to be right.

Same old question begins to rise,

What’s the goddamn meaning of life?

Why Do I Fear

Day 69

Fear, dear lord the fear!

Overtaking my senses.

Consuming my saneness.

How do I overcome it?

How do I remain calm?

Teach me to stop stressing,

And quit overthinking.

With deep breaths of air,

I try exhaling out my dark fears

What is the cause of this weakness?

When I have been brave before.

Guess only I can save myself,

From these unreasonable

Bouts of fear.

To the Darkness

Day 43

A dark labyrinth,

Like a shadow I walk.

Looking around.

Searching for something,

A way out probably.

I spend hours and days,

Struggling. Somehow surviving.

Days go by,

And then a ray of light.

I pound towards it,

I feel ecstatic,

A cry of joy,

The relentless efforts have paid off.

I step out only to realise, something is amiss

Dreams of dark alleys,

Maybe I belonged to the darkness

The struggles, the pain, the uncertainty.

And so I return,

Into the labyrinth.


They watch over you with their keen and judgy eyes

Surrounded by dark red clouds emitting an aura of jealousy and envy

They look down upon you to make you feel worthless

You take a step back – 

Fear in your eyes

You try to hide your pain 

The pressure is pulling you down

You feel weak in your knees

You’re afraid of being consumed by the darkness once you blink your eyes

So, you look straight ahead with passion in your eyes

The fear slowly seems to fade away

The redness of the clouds begins to turn into a pale white light

Suddenly, you are struck by the lightning of enlightenment

Now, you feel whole and satiated.