To the Darkness

Day 43

A dark labyrinth,

Like a shadow I walk.

Looking around.

Searching for something,

A way out probably.

I spend hours and days,

Struggling. Somehow surviving.

Days go by,

And then a ray of light.

I pound towards it,

I feel ecstatic,

A cry of joy,

The relentless efforts have paid off.

I step out only to realise, something is amiss

Dreams of dark alleys,

Maybe I belonged to the darkness

The struggles, the pain, the uncertainty.

And so I return,

Into the labyrinth.

One thought on “To the Darkness

  1. Like Ariadne’s string, he hoped to lead her out of the maze.
    If that failed, he considered joining her in the dark.
    For it was better to be two than be alone.
    And, even if he could not bare to see her with another other than himself,
    He would not wish her to endure the madness all by herself.

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