#14 Tick Tock

Day 14 Inktober : Tick

I still have nightmares of not finishing my exam papers on time. The tick tock sound from a clock is usually relaxing but in this situation the ticking clock is more like a ticking bomb that would only add more stress counting down till the end.

Why Do I Fear

Day 69

Fear, dear lord the fear!

Overtaking my senses.

Consuming my saneness.

How do I overcome it?

How do I remain calm?

Teach me to stop stressing,

And quit overthinking.

With deep breaths of air,

I try exhaling out my dark fears

What is the cause of this weakness?

When I have been brave before.

Guess only I can save myself,

From these unreasonable

Bouts of fear.


Day 44

Intimidating pressures of the world,

Tire the innocence of the soul.

Uninterrupted flow of thoughts,

Disturb the calmness of the mind.

Looking up at the sky,

Seeking for simplicity of life.