You Yearn For..

Day 66

The ineffable mysteries of the soul

Has many untold endless desires –

Needless appetite for mastery,

Wretched craving for possessions,

Delusory hope for enlightenment,

Bountiful want of happiness,

Intense moments of fierce passion,

Perpetual period of peacefulness.

5 thoughts on “You Yearn For..

  1. Well, to me, tragically romantic sounds like that Tom Hanks movie (Terminal). He tries so hard to win over Catherine Zeta Jones; and she develops feelings for him yet cannot part with her silver-haired prince who keeps her waiting on a long leash.

    Tragically romantic almost sounds like hopelessly romantic; both sound like giving up control and losing, like Romeo and Juliet.

    I was thinking this is tragic if you are waiting for YOUR prince to return (while I am “having feelings”). Romantic if you’re not.


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