I Miss You

Day 67

I miss you,

When I look at the radiant full moon,

I miss you,

When I turn around and not find you by my side.

I miss you,

Thinking of the jokes you cracked to make me laugh.

I miss you,

Upon learning how easy you make my life.

I miss you,

in the emptiness of my room.

I miss you,

Every time I close my eyes.

The tears never seem to dry,

Come back soon the love of my life.


5 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. It’s almost perfect isn’t it that the moon is so bright today.

    It’s saying hey, I’m here, in it’s own quiet way.

    It’s almost deafening the silence of your room.

    Until using modern technology in that space my voice booms.

    So I gladly deliver the jokes you miss.

    And within that I smuggle in a one more kiss.

    Soon I’ll by back to dry you tears.
    Hold you in my arms, calm all your fears.

    You’re my sun, my shine, the glow of your moon.
    I keep staring at the clock, longing to be home soon.

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  2. And, I just walked into that movie, The Terminal? I’m Tom Hanks, finding out about Catherine Zeta Jones’ ever-traveling/ever-distant love interest who almost convinces her he is out of her life until she connects with him at the last moment and gives Tom a reason to forget her and finish his personal mission.

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      1. It’s one of my favorite Tom Hanks films which just happens to feature the very lovely Catherine Zeta Jones…but the ending is a bit sad. Have you seen it before?


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