Missing Rain

Day 41

If I had to get attached and feel sad,

I would cry thinking of the rains..

that drizzled so lightly on muddy terrains.

Rain that touched the leaves ever so softly,

& fell off the branches onto the grass below.

I would miss the sound that accompanied me during quiet lonely days.

Rain that cleared the dark skies and brought some light into my gloomy days.

Touching fingers and kissing cheeks in surprise

Oh, sweet loving rain!

One thought on “Missing Rain

  1. Gentle as the lilies grow.
    Inviting wet kisses while rivers of hair flow.
    Gloomy as the harvests go.

    Merciful wherever the mistaken atone.
    Merciless wherever sins may be sown.

    Stimulating to the creative soul.
    Igniting passions as thunder rolls.

    [Given time, I might fit these bits into something more cohesive.]

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