The Spring Comes

When spring comes,

Nights are shorter

Days are longer and warmer.


When spring comes,

It promises life and growth

Along with new hopes.


When spring comes,

Birds chirp, bees buzz

Trees bloom with fresh buds.


The seasons have changed

When spring comes

There’s always merriment

& freshness in the air.

Rain Over Me

Day 63

The season has changed

It has begun to rain

Gusts of wind

Blow over the terrain

Rising dust in the air.

Darkness casts its shadow again

Hail thunderstorm

Here comes the rain

Pouring down all over again.

Snow on the Ground

Day 48

It was the first snowfall of the year.

The ground had turned white.

I looked out of the window,

Watched people walking by,

Wearing woollen caps and gloves.

I went out to feel the coldness in the air.

I picked some snow off the ground, made a ball of it in my hand

and watched it melt away.

Missing Rain

Day 41

If I had to get attached and feel sad,

I would cry thinking of the rains..

that drizzled so lightly on muddy terrains.

Rain that touched the leaves ever so softly,

& fell off the branches onto the grass below.

I would miss the sound that accompanied me during quiet lonely days.

Rain that cleared the dark skies and brought some light into my gloomy days.

Touching fingers and kissing cheeks in surprise

Oh, sweet loving rain!

Hello Rain

Day 34

Here you come again.

Hanging out on my window pane.

You give me chills when I step out in the open air.

You cause commotion on the lanes,

With puddles of muddy water here and there.

Yet, every time I see you,

I fall in love a little more with you again.