One thought on “Trees without Leaves

  1. Autumn in your area? I can’t remember if you were just talking about spring or winter, last.

    I get a special kind of depressed when the trees become naked. I don’t enjoy late autumn/winter much. But, then, spring challenges me with flooding rains and allergies. And, summer can be too hot. I like to see all four seasons together and would miss the changes if I moved somewhere warmer. I just have so many “hang-ups” (as my sis likes to call them) about seasonal aspects. Two to four weeks of autumn colors blowing in the wind is about the only time I feel elated. That and a non-flooding thunderstorm when I can quiver with the thunder, be dazzled by the lightning, let my mind mingle with the rain and imagine painting the sky in watercolors. I also like to imagine Far East settings bathed in blizzards of cherry blossoms (without alerting my nose), listening to the soft rustling of the trees like whispers in the wind, resting by a glistening river in a warm, grassy setting.


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