Did You?

Day 32

When the bird was flying high in search of its prey,

Did it ever worry about failing?

When the horse was racing faster than the wind,

Did it ever think about falling?

When the burden of fruits pulled the branches down,

Was the tree afraid of dying?

Then why do we worry about falling, failing and dying..

Without even trying?


One thought on “Did You?

  1. Cuz no tree ever said, “I wonder how it would feel if some human came along and yanked my private parts, the parts I mate with other plants. Ya know. Cross-pollination and all those other fun human words that complicate life with science. I’ve been around people so long, I’m even talking scientifically.”

    And, yes, I think a bird might worry about failing when it hears its little ones incessantly chirping, though that momma bird might try so hard to satisfy the lot of them, possibly falling from the nest when it’s finally empty and the little ones have moved on to score with girl birds and stuff themselves silly in their prime.

    As for the horse, well, a horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless that horse is Mr. Ed. I can’t think of a counter point for the horse other than they might get rattled by the thought of losing a race resulting in “the glue factory.” I still cringe at the thought of a horse breaking a leg or having those metal shoes pounded onto their hooves.

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