A Cab Journey

Day 82

He sat there by my side.

Losing his grip.

Getting frustrated.

He clawed his bag with impatience.

I sat quietly beside.

With no movement.

Staring hard into my book.

Hours went by in silence.

Then came the time for him to leave.

He left me hanging.

Handsome, random, cab partner!


3 thoughts on “A Cab Journey

  1. HOURS waiting in a cab?? I’d be clawing my bag, too. ‘Must be some fun getting to work every day, leaving four hours early just to make the cab trip through Mumbailurkatesch traffic. [I just made that blended city name up, by the way.]

    Did you more than glance at him or just sense he was handsome? A handsome cab companion. 😛 heh. Handsome cab.

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    1. I cannot help but giggle after reading this “just sense he was handsome?”

      So, my friend, I wasn’t brave enough to look straight at his face. Only remember his tense hands and made up sweet stories to make my boring journey entertaining.

      Also, what you just made up -Mumbai, is the name of a city in India. And when it rains in these cities traffic just get crazier than ever.


      1. I’m rarely brave enough to look at faces, too. I typically look when the person gets off the bus or passes me on a path; but, even then, without my eyeglasses on, I tend to see only blurs.

        Yes, I know what Mumbai is. So, I should bring armor and weapons for rainy days in Mumbai, ay?


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