Quit Staring

Day 61

I write this note

To say a few things to you

Please do not stare at my b**bs

What’s wrong with you?

It makes me uncomfortable

I never look at your dangler

Hidden deep in your wrangler

Why so disrespectful

My, so ill-mannered!

7 thoughts on “Quit Staring

  1. Speaking in a cartoon voice only I can hear in my head, “Oh, my!” πŸ˜›

    And, who is looking at your chest this way?
    What did you wear that flashed “them” today?
    While some may consider ogling improper manners,
    It’s just as wrong to display your fleshy banners.
    Whether it’s a form-fitting dress or a stretchy swimsuit,
    You need to mind your God-given fruit.
    It’s only modern convention that gives man a break.
    For women don’t mind calling a bare, broad chest beefcake.

    Reeerroooo! Mic dropped.


    1. I was not displaying any β€œfleshy banners!!” Have you considered the eyes that are looking are immodest and sleazy. I was only in a normal T-shirt, you want me to wear a carton box instead? You need to use your god-given brain and not always think with your god-given dick.


      1. Again, sometimes, if not always, it’s not just who is looking or how they are looking but also what’s on display. A nicely dressed person gets certain attention just as a shabbily dressed person gets different attention. Some are drawn to exposed flesh. Others to fashion.

        I’d only like to see you in a cardboard box for costume fun. I can think of fun possibilities for that idea. πŸ™‚ But, if a “normal T-shirt” attracted such attention, you must have a fabulous figure to behold. πŸ™‚ Didn’t you partner this prose with a piece about being an alluring temptation?

        Hey, hey! Language. Two lewds don’t make a righteous. And, while every man is capable of thinking with his man parts, so are women capable of being controlled (emotional) by theirs.

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      2. Also, given the chance to get to know you, those rude eyes might show more respect, too. But, since we don’t likely have the time or patience to explain ourselves to everyone, just brush what happened off and/or say thanks for noticing how pretty I am (taking the looks as a compliment instead of an insult or slight) and move on. It’s different if someone points you out for being ugly or poor of something.

        You know where my eyes go first where you are concerned. πŸ™‚ And, my mind is nestled next to yours, hoping to remain friendly.

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      3. Maybe the city you reside in does not face these problems. In over-populated and under-developed countries – crime, accidents, rape, abuse, molestation .. occurs at an extent that people no longer find it unusual or surprising.

        Touched by your concern. πŸ™‚ I like the use of words, minds nestled next to each other.


      4. Oh, I am sure there are similar problems depending upon where I go in the city. I like to say it’s more likely where there are more people commuting and/or mingling socially than where people are more spaced out and occupying themselves.

        It’s hard to say what is underdeveloped because I think most places in this modern world are lacking something. And those that are not seem like fairy tale locations hidden from common knowledge.

        If your area is rife with such crime, then either what happened should not bother you much more than any other day or I’d be more defensive and possibly retaliation in some violent way, simply because my nerves would be so taut that my fist or foot would spring at any offender who tried to pick on me.

        Hmm-hmm. πŸ™‚ Cozy brains.

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