Day 51

Like a flower,

Your kind kinship blossoms my life.

Your negligence and anger

Pierces through my mind and heart.

Making me shallow,

Wringing the inside of my soul.

And I still do not hate you.

I feel you stronger in me than ever before.

You are so good that no matter how much it hurts.

I bond with you a little more than the day before.

7 thoughts on “Kinship

  1. I am confused. One moment, there is warmth and bonding. The next, there are cold, sharp things that drain your soul. And, it starts with a flower? Or, is this about dandelions/weeds?

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    1. So, a difficult friendship? Sounds like a male “friend” who tears a few heart strings while you hope for a better relationship with this person. Is the hardship coping with something troubling the friend or is the friend making the friendship difficult?


      1. I think you are in a bad mood (as am I). I don’t know what to read into it. I was just trying to decode/understand it. Apparently, it’s too personal to explain.

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      2. Yes apologies, was kind of in a bad mood yesterday. Sweet of you to understand. Anyway, if it was personal I wouldn’t have shared it. I wasn’t talking about any specific person, it’s about different people that you meet and how they get close to you and you like their certain attributes. So even when they get a little angry, you don’t mind the pain, it’s still beautiful as they are. And somewhere behind the anger there is always more love.

        I guess I mixed up too many thoughts again and might not have answered your question right.


      3. I detected the emotion in your tone/words. It’s sort of like when a girlfriend says nothing is wrong when she really means you two need to talk or that you should know what’s wrong.

        But, you vent some personal stuff, even if it comes out as poetry. It’s just…coded a bit.

        Ah. I see. Sorting out the difficult and the fun parts of connecting with others.

        I think it’s best when the “pain” is actually stimulating. Not to say you get a thrill or seek to inflict pain but that you actually realize you can endure the pain and grow from it, remaining strong in the company of that other person.

        I suppose that’s what you meant. Though, I am not sure I’d say it’s a beautiful moment. No one’s pain should be beautiful…well, except for pain shared between lovers in…certain situations. :=) heh.

        In short, you had a lot of emotions on the brain and were working them out.

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