..and the tree said..

“the cold, harsh winter withered me away.

It left me with nothing

but barrenness.

You saw through my emptiness..

You stood there for hours looking at my

crooked arms and shriveled body.

Though I had nothing upon me,

you always looked at me with a smile and exclaimed,

“So beautiful!”

and now the sun shines down upon me

making me warm

slowly bringing me back to life.

and now just for you my dear,

I will gather all my fallen leaves

and bloom like I’ve never before.

my leaves will dance when you move.

my blushing blossoms will paint rosiness on your cheeks.

the sweet fragrance from my wild flowers

will bury itself in your soft black curls.

my breeze will touch ever so lightly,

and kiss your face.

then I will watch you,

like you always did..

I will watch you, smiling at me again.”


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