His warm and loving side disappeared as he let out a monstrous roar. “Go away”, howled the beast and pushed a boulder off the cliff in his frenzy of rage. Now, he was all alone. In his loneliness, he pondered on how his bad side had taken total control of him. He stared blankly into the darkness of his cave and let out a deep sigh. A few minutes later, he noticed a faint light. He turned around to see that his loving caretakers were back but this time with torches of flame in their hands and fear and uncertainty in their eyes. The beast knew that it was his end, so he went back into the cave and sat with his head lowered down. The people approached slowly but hesitantly. They entered the cave and noiselessly placed the torches around the walls of the cave to brighten up the place. They came closer to the beast and sat down beside him. Slowly, they removed honey buns, loaves of bread, and chocolate cakes from their bags. The beast couldn’t understand and looked up at them only to find nothing but worry and love in their eyes. To his questioning look, they replied “We know it’s been a bad day, we left because we wanted to make things better for you. Come now, let us feast on some good food, it will ease your mind”.

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