Soul of a Dragon

Day 74

Long and lonely she stood

Waiting for the storm to pass.

Many dreadful, angry faces crossed her.

Not one friendly, helpful smile.

“Just a little while longer.”

She said to herself.

Soon came the time,

With a shrug of her shoulders

and a quick sudden pull,

She tore off the shackles,

Unfurling her dragon wings full.

A deep breath later, she took flight,

Leaving behind humanity and all of it’s supposed might.


3 thoughts on “Soul of a Dragon

  1. She’s a rocket womannn. Rocket womannn…burning everyone around her as she escapes the crowded trainnn… and she won’t be back for a long, long time…

    That’s where my head went for whatever reason.

    Why the dragon analogy? Astrology?

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      1. It depends on the dragon. Like people, dragons come in a wide variety of shapes and personalities. I might want to cuddle with a Dragonair. But, I wouldn’t dare get too close to a dragon like Ladon or whatever that fiend was that ended up buried under a volcano for trying to destroy the world (or Heaven).

        Why are we burning everyone? Or everyone you like?

        I’m more of a unicorn and centauress (or centaurides) person, myself. 🙂

        I have been saying this a lot lately. I would rather drown in fantasy than swim in reality. I have a varied interest in “fantasy” as a genre. It’s probably my #1 movie/reading choice over sci-fi and comedy. But, if you can find fantasy laced with sci-fi intelligence and wit, that’s golden. Some solid fans of Tolkien didn’t like the Hobbit movies. But, not having read the books, I actually liked the films, overall. Bilbo had his wit. Smaug was rather epic. It’s the editing that is typically questionable. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was poorly edited, a bit choppy at parts, including the end.


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