3 thoughts on “A Pot Plant

  1. That is…until her foliage is clipped, cut short.
    Then she takes on new shape, new dimension,
    Altering perspective while remaining the same at her roots.
    Bonsai! I weep at the thought of the fallen tresses! 😦

    🙂 A eulogy for the fallen (hair). May it grow back to or even surpass its former glory, soon.

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      1. I imagine you have those glorious hair genes I do not that grow hair like Play-Doh toys advertised. I shouldn’t let it get to me; I mean, I hardly know ya. But, once you see the cover girl and fall for that image, you hate to learn it drastically changed for what may be the worse. [I cry at the thought of Karen Gillan or any actress who’s had great hair shaving their head. But, when you realize they seem so blessed to never have to worry about losing hair, you feel foolish for fretting.]

        In short, my family was not blessed with the great hair gene. And, yes, the hair you display in that one photo I’ve seen is glorious.


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