In the twilight,
Holding a lantern in her hand,
She stepped out to sit beside him.
On the wooden bench
Overlooking the sea.
Together, they watched the calm waves.
There was a soft glow in the sky, a slight chill.
From the radio, a melodious tune filled the air.
They looked into each other’s battle-scarred eyes.
The sweet rhythm moved them to dance.
Entwined in a warm embrace
They swayed like the waves
On their wooden porch.
In the soft glow of the night.

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Riding the Waves

Day 56

I was riding the ocean.

Soft, steady waves.

Slowly began to increase in tide.

I wavered a bit but held on tight.

I quickly learnt to tame them

They were pulling me deeper

Right into the middle

Rain poured down upon me

The roar and anger of the ocean

Shook my soul but I kept going

Then a deathly wave rose and engulfed me

I was deep inside, sinking within

Not afraid but embracing it.

Fighting it, until I rose again.