Riding the Waves

Day 56

I was riding the ocean.

Soft, steady waves.

Slowly began to increase in tide.

I wavered a bit but held on tight.

I quickly learnt to tame them

They were pulling me deeper

Right into the middle

Rain poured down upon me

The roar and anger of the ocean

Shook my soul but I kept going

Then a deathly wave rose and engulfed me

I was deep inside, sinking within

Not afraid but embracing it.

Fighting it, until I rose again.

Day 24

Like drops of dew on a leaf.

And a soft breeze on the cheek.

You, with a smile of an angel.

Spread your wings of love.

– While here,

I carry a longing with a strong urge.

To intrude into the depths of your peaceful mind

and beautiful soul.