People We Meet on Vacation – Emily Henry

Book Review
Fiction | Love | Friends | Travel

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alex and Poppy. Poppy and Alex, are the People We Meet on Vacation in this book. It’s an easy, breezy fun read. It’s a book that you can take along with you on a vacation. Read it while sipping on a piña colada or maybe a gin tonic, while chilling at the pool or relaxing by a fireplace, whatever the weather may be. Then lose yourself to Poppy Wright as she’s going to take the lead.

With Poppy you go to the BAR of Sanibel Island. There she’ll introduce you to her most favorite person in her life, Alex Nilson! Alex and Poppy have been friends for more than a decade, twelve years to be precise, since the time they met as freshmen at the University of Chicago. The two of them have almost nothing in common. Alex has a reserved and sorted personality. He works as a high school literature teacher in Linfield, Ohio. On the other hand is Poppy, a bubbly, bold, and adventurous person. She loves to travel and records her travel stories on a personal blog. Her writing caught the attention of Rest+Relaxation (R+R), a travel magazine, and landed her a job as a journalist. Even though the personalities of Alex and Poppy are vastly different, they feel at utmost ease with each other. 

Every summer, they go on a vacation. Twelve summers ago, when Alex and Poppy met for the first time they never wanted to see each other again. The next summer, they share a ride home, become friends and make a pact to go on a vacation together. Two summers ago in Croatia, things went terribly wrong and they had a fall out. So this summer Poppy asks Alex for one last trip to rekindle their relationship. 

Overall, People We Meet on Vacation is a delightful and heartwarming romantic novel. Emily Henry’s writing style is witty and charming. The story is narrated well, allowing readers to know both the characters intimately. The romantic tension between Poppy and Alex is palpable, and their chemistry is undeniable. I loved how the author captures the magic of traveling and the feelings associated with it. Each destination is vividly described making us feel like we are a part of those locations with the characters. 

PS: If you are a fan of the movie, Harry Met Sally, then you’ll love this fun travel love story. I highly recommend it, enjoy reading!

“It’s fascinating. How so much of love is about who you are with someone.”

– Emily Henry

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