How do we describe this feeling?
This feeling of going unnoticed,
In a world filled with billions of people.
Trapped inside the houses with no where to go.
This pandemic,
This threat,
This worry!
People are panicking,
People are worried,
People are complaining,
People are depressed.

“Are you listening to me?
Are you watching me?
I need attention, give it to me!”

We are craving to return to live our normal lives.
Dreaming of walking freely outside.
The only question that is at all times on our minds.

And, what do we do as we wait?
We breathe.
Till then we breathe!
We take the longest deep breaths.
To calm our unsettling and restless minds.


Day 45

The cold blowing breeze of the night,

Comes again to send chills down the spine.

Relentless deep breaths,

Seem to be of no help.

Clenching on the sheets..

Eyes shut tight,

Beads of sweat on the brow.

A hair-raising whisper by the ear,

And a shrilling scream is heard again.