Toronto: Where Culture, History, and Modernity Meet!

Top Tourist Attractions and Hidden Gems in Toronto

It’s been a while since I last shared my travel experiences, but I’m excited to finally write about my recent trip to Toronto, Canada. Over the course of fifteen days, I had the pleasure of staying with a friend while discovering the city’s many attractions. Planning was key, so I crafted a detailed itinerary that took into account our work schedules and included must-see landmarks and restaurants. Despite having only two weekends to spare, we made the most of our vacation by visiting a plethora of incredible destinations. If you’re planning a trip to Toronto or are a local looking for new spots to check out, I highly recommend these places. Now, let me take you on a journey through my unforgettable experiences!

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Two Days in Paris: Things to Do!

Like many travel enthusiasts, it has always been my dream to visit Paris. It was a short 2-day trip but my husband and I tried to make the most of our time on hand.

We booked a hotel called Hôtel Eiffel Kensington. The building looked beautiful. In fact, the architecture of all the buildings in Paris is wonderful and majestic. You can spend hours admiring the exteriors of regular buildings, their tiny balconies, the artistic railings, and the windows.

Day 1:
1. Eiffel Tower
2. River Seine Cruise
3. Arc de Triomphe
4. Luxembourg Gardens

Day 2:
1. Notre Dame Cathedral.
2. The Louvre Museum
3. Do a Walking Tour (Optional but recommended)

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