Dark Storm

Day 17 Inktober – Storm

The crackling of lightning is terrifying.

Yet, every time there is a storm,

Our eyes eagerly search the clouds

To get a glimpse of that flashing bolt of lightning again.

Storms are dark yet fascinating.


The Storm Broke

It was a pitch-dark starless night.

Rain pattered furiously on the streets,

The wind repeatedly rattled on my window screens.

I sat silently on the corner of the bed

With the sheets pulled close to my chest.

A tremendous flash of lightning

Cracked the sky in two,

Followed by a sharp thunderous boom

Sending shivers down my spine.

But, I listened to the violence of the storm all the while.

Frightened yet curiously amazed by the magnanimous power of the skies. 

A Storm’s Coming

Day 68

Ghastly dark clouded sky,

Is this a warning, asking us to hide?

Lightning has begun to strike,

You are soon going to pour down

With all your might.

I fear what’s coming on tonight.

Show mercy, cause no havoc this time.

Rain Over Me

Day 63

The season has changed

It has begun to rain

Gusts of wind

Blow over the terrain

Rising dust in the air.

Darkness casts its shadow again

Hail thunderstorm

Here comes the rain

Pouring down all over again.

Sound of Rain

The sound of rain through my window pane

So loud on the grayish white frame.

Drops splatter on the muddy plain

Winds howl and embrace the rain.


The pitter-pattering drops on lakes and leaves.

Gentle rumble of clouds with a crackling blaze

Thunder, wind and rain play their lightning game.


Immersing in its overwhelming power and busy affair

A slight tug on my insides

A temptation, a drawing, a lordly call of the rain.

Here’s comes the season of rain once again.