#29 Patch it up

Day 29 Inktober : Patch

They asked her to keep it simple.
Play it safe.
With black and blues
Whites and grays.
To which she obliged.
But sometimes she would get away
To patch up with life
By setting ablaze the town
With her flamboyant gowns.


Women Will Be Women

I am a woman, I am not really sure what to say. I have had ups and downs in my life, I have been asked to sacrifice. Sometimes I do it willing, sometimes forcefully.

I have not been allowed to wear clothes of my choice, I have been asked to dress appropriately for my safety, I obliged. Well, yes I am not physically strong, I cannot fight a gang of morons. So, I covered up and walked with my head down because who wants to be an object of illicit desire.

Growing up, I have been asked to dress well, wear make-up, act like a girl and look pretty to meet the standards of beauty, set by whom? I still wonder. I don’t want my skin to glitter and shine, I want to be in my PJs and read books of my choice.

I care for myself I know how things work in the male-dominated work places. I have a voice which is sometimes heard and often times ignored. But, I am not lame to scream and shout, I am wise I will find better ways to get things done the way I want.

I have been asked to come home early no later than 7 PM because the night is dark and full of terrors. Hungry men lurking around dark alleys ready to pounce on a girl who’s alone, who may or may not be dressed provocatively. I have heard stories, watched the news, I am scared too and so I do as I am asked to do.

Some women ask me, “Do you know how to cook? How will you feed your man?” When I replied no, they laughed at me, so I laughed too. I did learn cooking though, to feed myself and the ones in need. Nobody told me how rewarding and therapeutic cooking could be.

When men made their moves on me and I did not jive to their vibe, they called me names. But, it did not affect me as I knew already that they could never respect my standards and boundaries.

I am in my 30s, I am asked when I am having babies? I understand you are curious and these are questions for my well-being, but reproduction is not a role that every woman needs to play. In a world that’s populated and polluted by human beings, do we really need more babies?

There are some things that sometimes women need to do. Not because somebody has asked us to, but because we are smart enough to understand how the world works.
Sometimes the messages passed on to women are wrong. We have not been treated equally, but we know the right from wrong.
We are patient, we are relentless, we are fighters, we are strong. Living through life like everyone else, we do not ask for more or less, because we know that we are the best.

State of the Religious

What is this religion for which we fight?

That we are so passionate and proud about..

Does it teach us to beat people?

Harm them, murder them, or hurt them?

If it does, then why are you standing by it?

If it doesn’t, then why are you doing it?


Religion is staying together and showing mercy.

It is loving one another and being at peace.

It is about making the world a better place for our children.




Shameful Acts of Men

Like every other day Mira was stared at again while walking on the streets.


Mira was not dressed provocatively or doing anything inappropriate. She was only walking, like the rest of the men. The only difference is men never get stared at. Nobody cares what a man wears but women on the streets, in the buses, in the malls, in restaurants, in the supermarkets are often gawked at.

Mira thanks her lucky stars on days when people do not notice her in certain places. Women get used to the ogling, it is normal for them. Men stare lecherously, follow women, whistle at them, pass comments, wink, brush against women, and then there are worse things that they do but claim that women are treated equally!

Today, Mira saw a girl crossing a bustling street at an intersection. A traffic police on the other side of the road was staring at the girl all along. As soon as she crossed the road he came extremely close to the girl and touched her waist inappropriately. The girl did not stop for a second to react, she continued walking with the same pace, fast with her head down. Mira was shocked to see this happen to the girl. She stood there staring at the traffic police who pretended like he had done nothing wrong a second ago!

This is the state of our country. Why do men commit such shameful acts? Is it because they are uneducated? Who do women trust, how many complains to lodge? Punishment for crimes of acid attacks, rape, molestation, domestic violence, and eve teasing should be made severe. Only when there is fear of consequences will men think twice before committing such crimes.

The population of India is in millions, expecting an immediate change is silly but women will continue fighting and writing about safety until we know we are safe in our own country. The daily struggle will continue with a hope that men will change and stop making women uncomfortable.



Day 44

Intimidating pressures of the world,

Tire the innocence of the soul.

Uninterrupted flow of thoughts,

Disturb the calmness of the mind.

Looking up at the sky,

Seeking for simplicity of life.


They watch over you with their keen and judgy eyes

Surrounded by dark red clouds emitting an aura of jealousy and envy

They look down upon you to make you feel worthless

You take a step back – 

Fear in your eyes

You try to hide your pain 

The pressure is pulling you down

You feel weak in your knees

You’re afraid of being consumed by the darkness once you blink your eyes

So, you look straight ahead with passion in your eyes

The fear slowly seems to fade away

The redness of the clouds begins to turn into a pale white light

Suddenly, you are struck by the lightning of enlightenment

Now, you feel whole and satiated.