Haunted Castle

Haunted castle. 

Restless ocean.

Dreary thunderous night. 

Dusty curtains. 

Lost footsteps. 

Creaky wooden floors. 

Dirty hingeless doors. 

Rusty leaking taps. 

Sleepy rabid bats.

Withered old trees.

A rustle on dried leaves.

A shadow with the breeze.

A lacy low-cut red gown.

A gasp.

A silent forgotten scream. 


With cold hands and a numb mind

I walked to unwind.


Dull red and brilliant blue

Were the colours that came through..

From bars and her shiny eyes.


She glanced at me cold as ice

Then went amiss

Into the shadows of the night.


Like a stray I drifted away

Into the coldness of her familiar sight.

Misty Shadows

Day 81

She yelled from the inside of her lungs.

Believing the pain would leave her body.

But she only ended up feeling hollow.

The tears had dried up.

Nothing remained but sorrow.

So she tied a scarf around her neck.

And walked away into the misty shadows.