Traffic in Bangalore

Day 49

Honking incessantly,

Stressing me out as I drive.

Cutting into my lane,

Driving around like a maniac,

What are you, a stuntman?

Where are you really heading?

‘Cos I’m curious to know.

What did you achieve by overtaking me,

Well, you are still here in front of me,

Stuck in the traffic, same as me.

Then why the uncouth, barbaric behaviour?

Why make it so hard,

When I need to switch lanes

– mind you, with the Indicator On!

I’m following the rules.

I’m accommodating you..

Then why do you need to give me,

Your random angry stares,

While sitting on your throne of threats.

Did you derive some pleasure?

By ill-treating me?

Why is the world going berserk?

Some calmness, a little harmony,

Humanity, respect and some manners.

Did I ask for too much?

Silly of me!