Dreaming of low tides,
Long nights under the moonlight
Sitting around logs set on fire
Upon white sand and
Mountains looming under dark skies.

Sea breeze muffles our voices
As we share stories
Holding mugs of warmth
In our mitten covered hands
There’s always so much to say,
To listen,
To laugh,
With friends around
There’s no track of time.
Those days will come soon.

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on

Cozy on the Edge

It can get pretty scary up there. But finding a cozy cabin house after a treacherous journey on the edge of a mountain cliff will feel like being reborn.

To make it a heavenly experience, drink tea by the window and enjoy the view.

Let the Boat Row Slow

The wooden boat glided silently across the serene lake, passing through the misty air.

Floating plants drifted gently to the side making way for the boat to pass.

Old and mighty mountains stood still in the background reflecting golden morning light, glistening on the peaks.

He hummed softly in the boat so as not to disturb the quietness in the air.

A Boy on a Cliff

Day 35

On the edge of a mountain cliff,

A little boy settles down..

To glance up at the clear skies.

and to behold the magnificence

Lying ahead of him.

Serene natural splendour

Deep valleys and lakes,

Blessed forests and picturesque mountainscapes.

The little boy stops by everyday

To forget his story,

and to rejoice in nature’s glory.