Happy International Podcast Day! Womaning in India – Mahima Vashisht

Today on International Podcast day, I would like to bring to your attention this amazingly amazing podcast that I am currently listening to called, “Womaning in India with Mahima Vashisht” on the Seen and the Unseen with Amit Verma.

What this podcast is about is kind of clear in the title, it’s about what a woman experiences to be a woman in India. It is a true delight to listen to Mahima Vashisht, who is an exceptionally intelligent person, speak about her life and about the issues that women face throughout their lives and let them slide. It’s about how this world that we live in is designed by men for men. Don’t worry this podcast is not just a serious long episode, it is funny, interesting, inspiring and eye-opening that both men and women SHOULD listen to! I’ve become a super-duper fan of Mahima and I’m sure you’ll become one too if you listen to @mahimavashisht.

Don’t miss out on this one: Womaning in India

PS: Thanks Pal and Ash for sharing this with me and thanks Labhe for telling me that today is international podcast day 🙂

Shameful Acts of Men

Like every other day Mira was stared at again while walking on the streets.


Mira was not dressed provocatively or doing anything inappropriate. She was only walking, like the rest of the men. The only difference is men never get stared at. Nobody cares what a man wears but women on the streets, in the buses, in the malls, in restaurants, in the supermarkets are often gawked at.

Mira thanks her lucky stars on days when people do not notice her in certain places. Women get used to the ogling, it is normal for them. Men stare lecherously, follow women, whistle at them, pass comments, wink, brush against women, and then there are worse things that they do but claim that women are treated equally!

Today, Mira saw a girl crossing a bustling street at an intersection. A traffic police on the other side of the road was staring at the girl all along. As soon as she crossed the road he came extremely close to the girl and touched her waist inappropriately. The girl did not stop for a second to react, she continued walking with the same pace, fast with her head down. Mira was shocked to see this happen to the girl. She stood there staring at the traffic police who pretended like he had done nothing wrong a second ago!

This is the state of our country. Why do men commit such shameful acts? Is it because they are uneducated? Who do women trust, how many complains to lodge? Punishment for crimes of acid attacks, rape, molestation, domestic violence, and eve teasing should be made severe. Only when there is fear of consequences will men think twice before committing such crimes.

The population of India is in millions, expecting an immediate change is silly but women will continue fighting and writing about safety until we know we are safe in our own country. The daily struggle will continue with a hope that men will change and stop making women uncomfortable.


I Watched Him

He stood long and alone,

With feet buried in the soft, warm sand.

He looked vacantly ahead at the ocean

Watching the waves rise angrily

Thrashing into each other

falling down,

then flowing away calmly into the ocean again.


He stood long and alone,

Till the sun began to set

turning the sky into red.

He buried his hands into his pockets

and continued staring ahead.

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at, these streets are mine as much as yours!

Why do I need to cover myself?

And walk with my head down..

Why are you men looking at me all the time..?


Is it the clothes I wear?

Have you never seen a woman before..?

What is it that you wish to see?

Your shameless, creepy gaze pierces through me..

How I wish I could beat you right now and pull your eyes out..


These roads are so bad,

Stones on my path,

Mud and dust in the air..,

and you stupid men stand over there and stare..!


What do you get by looking?

Do you realise how uncomfortable it makes me!

No it’s not that I am afraid,

Just ashamed. I have no hope.

This city is going down the drain..