Deep, longing notes,
A slow melody.
Stirring emotions,
Sadly beautiful.

Picking up pace,
Hurried but serious,
Like a wave,
Rushing and reaching
Towards an unknown.

Confused thrumming of strings
Discovering and learning,
Experimenting even..
But never hesitating.

A sound of a human voice,
Calling, reaching out.
Smooth and blessed
Sounds like harmony.
A peaceful rhythm.

A Bird’s Song

Day 38

A bird fluttered around,

Singing a mysterious song.

No usual chirping or sounds of calling out.

It sang a deep, quaint song,

It was brief but melodious.

Eerie, sinless and sensuous.

The mellow, bold tune

Soon began to fade.

The bird passed into oblivion,

Only the song hauntingly remained.