With Love


These are not the best times, days can feel cold and lonely, but please know that you are not alone. Today is Valentine’s Day so let us embrace the precious things around. Look outside the window and see if anything brings a smile, a funny-shaped cloud in the sky, a cute lil pup, snow on the ground, a tree that is always around, a friendly familiar face, or bright sunny skies.

If not, light a candle, make yourself a hot cup of coffee, watch a movie that you like, and turn on some fairy lights. Let us not clutter the mind with too many thoughts and be thankful and grateful for the things around. Go out for a walk or spend a few calm moments with yourself, enjoying some deep breaths.

Including this video of Yoga with Adriene to make your day awesome!
Like Adriene always says, breathe lots of love in and breathe lots of love out. Life is all about loving yourself and being kind. ❤


Try Some Kindness

You walk around like a snob,

What’s that look on your face,

Humble down a bit.

You will need to earn the respect and love.

Curt replies, crass behavior

Towards people below your so called “standards”

Just makes You an extremely unpleasant person.

No you are not special,

You are not a judge of your intelligence

and you certainly are not entitled to belittle others.