Through My Window

A cloudy evening, light drizzle. At a distance, a man in a green rain jacket is out for a walk with his dog. Patiently, he follows and watches his enthusiastic dog sniff the ground, play in the wetness of the green grass, and run around.

The view outside my window is beautiful, spectacular. I’m thankful to cameras that I can capture this moment in a photograph. Which I am sure I will not find interesting when I randomly find it after a few days.

Things are beautiful when they happen in that moment. Isn’t it? Like right now the fairy lights by my window are on, I’m with my book and a pen looking outside and trying my best to capture this precious scene in words and photos.

Happiness is not in big achievements but in easily and abundantly available joyous moments that are special just for you.

Two Little Souls

Two little souls out in the sun and sand

Joyous and so full of life.

Lost are they in their sweet land of dreams

Obscure and unfamiliar of the worldly miseries.

They play gleefully with a twinkle in their eyes

Laugh uncontrollably at the silliest of their crimes.

Involved are they so intensely in their games

They’ve failed to notice the dirt on their gear.

How you wish to be like them at times

Carefree and peaceful and true of their lives.