A Day at the Dentist

I lie numb on the chair.

Eyes towards the window on the ceiling wondering, “Who put a window up there?”

Also, being thankful for the wonderful idea.

The clouds were moving unusually fast today.

The weather forecast mentioned that it was going to get windy in the afternoon, and it did.

The dentist and the nurse moved their hands meticulously inside my mouth. I had just one job to do..

I had to lie still with my mouth wide open.

I lay there without flinching, trusting them with their tools inside my mouth.

A swab of cotton goes in, a piercing needle, and a voice above me says, “I am sorry, I know that hurt. Are you okay?”

She must have seen my fingers digging into my thighs. I nod with my mouth wide open and try to relax my hands.

There was an on-going battle inside my mouth while my entire body lay still.

Soon, the drilling and vibrations began.

The dust from the enamel of my tooth blew into the air and onto my face. The nurse wiped my face with a tissue.

A dim light constantly above my head, I lie on the seat with the shades on. 

I hear sounds of a girl crying in pain and wonder what treatment she must be going through? I watch nurses walk in and walk out from the corner of my eye. 

A faint sound of music in the air from the radio, the songs which played I no longer remember. 

A cute guy wearing glasses and headphones sat at the reception area playing games on the Switch, waiting for his wife.

I try to focus on all the things around me so I could take my mind off from the things happening inside my mouth.

A mould of clay goes in, a spray of water, some suction and I feel a bitter tingling sensation on my tongue.

The process repeats and goes on for hours.

Now and then, I hear the dentist say,

“You are a trooper honey.

You are doing good.”

I guess I’m winning the war.

Then again,

There is nothing much for me to do.

As the battle continues,

I lie numb with my mouth open

Looking up at the sky through the window.

blur bristle brush clean
Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com
PS: The cute guy, my husband *_*


Mrs. Weatherbee..

Mrs. Long Weatherbee,

While rummaging through her old closet

Found her good-old pink lingerie.

With a smile on her face

Along came good-old memories.


In her teens, Mrs. Weatherbee,

Had stolen glances from nearly-naked chiseled boys

Girls ridiculed her, many laughed at her stupidity.

“Oh, how silly of me to wear this pink lingerie to the beach!”


To escape the humiliation,

Mrs. Weatherbee had dived into the sea.

She swam long and hard,

Suddenly the currents became strong.

Pulling her deeper into the sea.

That’s when she met the man of her dreams.


Mr. Weatherbee,

Saved Mrs. Weatherbee from drowning

& instantly fell in love with her in the sea.

Now, they’ve been married for many years.

But Mrs. Weatherbee still holds on

To her good-old pink lingerie

With all its bittersweet memories.