RIP it

Day 23 Inktober – Rip

Ripping the RIP apart!

They decided to decorate their lawn as a graveyard for Halloween. Little did they know that the skeleton lying underneath the RIP grave would rip it apart and haunt their night.

Haunted Castle

Haunted castle. 

Restless ocean.

Dreary thunderous night. 

Dusty curtains. 

Lost footsteps. 

Creaky wooden floors. 

Dirty hingeless doors. 

Rusty leaking taps. 

Sleepy rabid bats.

Withered old trees.

A rustle on dried leaves.

A shadow with the breeze.

A lacy low-cut red gown.

A gasp.

A silent forgotten scream. 

Dreadful Deed

Day 58

Step into the darkness

Hold on to my hand

I will guide you alright.

Heard some whispers?

Never mind them,

Just stay on beside me!

Shadows on the walls,

Crumble of the rocks,

A howling call of the wolf,

Let them not scare you a bit

With my coldness around you

You know you will be just alright.