Tell Me a Childhood Story


The other day at a story writing club somebody asked me this question, “Think of a weird, uncomfortable memory from your childhood. If it’s some kind of experience, make it sound fun.” I didn’t have to think for too long because this one in particular is the strongest memory that I have from my school days and this is the story that I told them:

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A Lost Friend

#Short story

When I saw her for the first time, it felt like I had never seen anyone who looked so angelic. I stayed away from her, I thought pretty girls like her would not want to talk to me. We sat on the same bench in class but we never spoke to each other. Sometimes, when the lecturer dictated notes I would peek into her notebook, she would push her book towards me and smile. Even her tiniest gesture of kindness would touch my heart.

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a little girl wish

In her mansion of dreams

Her garden was filled with

– daisies and daffodils.

She read stories

About palaces and fairies.

Dressed in pink and gold

She wore ribbons and shimmery were her soles.

Lying on lush green meadows

She sang sweet songs to the blue skies.

She danced with fireflies

and yearned for angel wings.

In her little world of glee

There was no room for fear or misery.


Girls Out

Day 50

How a long day goes by with girls.

Like a perfumed breeze.

Dressing up to the nines.

Striped dresses and polka tops.

Holding hands, crossing streets,

Sharing lives and rolling eyes.

Over laughter and chatter,

Toasts were raised with wine and beer.