Dreaming of low tides,
Long nights under the moonlight
Sitting around logs set on fire
Upon white sand and
Mountains looming under dark skies.

Sea breeze muffles our voices
As we share stories
Holding mugs of warmth
In our mitten covered hands
There’s always so much to say,
To listen,
To laugh,
With friends around
There’s no track of time.
Those days will come soon.

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What is Your Idea of a Cosy Time?

*A cup of coffee with a chocolate chip cookie on the side.

*Turning out the lights and lighting up a few candles/fairy lights.

*Lying on the grass and looking up the sky.

*Cuddling on the couch with your fuzzy kitten/puppy.

*Sharing a blanket and watching a movie with your love.

*Lying on the bed with headphones and listening to your favorite music.

*Reading a book by the window while drinking hot chocolate.

*Staying up all night and sharing stories with your best friend.

*A cup of tea when it’s raining outside.

*Reading bedtime stories to your little ones.

*Writing a poem late at night.

*A long soak in a hot tub with scented candles.

*Sitting on your comfy armchair by the fireplace reading the daily newspaper.

*Rewatching old favorite movies for the 1000th time with a bag of chips.

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Day Dream

Gazing absently outside the window.

Dreaming of friendly company.

To share this slow day with me.

How wonderful it would be,

To discuss about music, movies, and bumblebees,

While munching away on cookies,

Along with lots of pots of tea.

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Her One-sided Love Story

She asked me to write a story about her one-sided love.

It was all just alive in her mind.

She had created scenes that had never happened. She imagined the words that he had never said.

She lived in a world of dreams.

She thought he was her prince.

Silly girl, what was she thinking, he only spoke to her once and she gave away her heart so easily.

While, he had forgotten about her and went on with living his life, the girl continued thinking about him and hoping that he would call.

Now, many years have passed.

In a random conversation, she tells me.. that she is still in love with him and that she knows where he lives. But she dare not make an effort to reach out for him because she has a family to care about.

She only has one burning desire.. and that is to get on her best friend’s nerves and waste her time by giggling and talking about the stories from her past.

Girls Out

Day 50

How a long day goes by with girls.

Like a perfumed breeze.

Dressing up to the nines.

Striped dresses and polka tops.

Holding hands, crossing streets,

Sharing lives and rolling eyes.

Over laughter and chatter,

Toasts were raised with wine and beer.

Love thy Self

Day 14

What are you searching for?

Friends? Some company?


There is no need to feel bitter,

Lonely or sad.

Don’t you like your company the best?

If not, then spend time..

Discovering yourself.

It really helps!

When Friends Talk

Day 5

When friends talk

You know it will take a while to stop.

It can go on for hours

When they reminisce the memories of their past.

When friends talk

The many emotions on their faces

Look like a movie.

Excitedly with light in their eyes

They open up and share their lives.

When friends talk

They disagree, get angry and fight.

But when they come back and smile

You can’t help but hug them tight.

Friends make life easier

They comfort and assure you

When they put their arm around you.

You know they will always be around you.