Let’s take a walk in Jenkins


She found a stem

with a tiny red bud

Fallen on the ground.

She took it home

Placed it in a glass of water.

Next morning,

She sipped her coffee with a smile

A gorgeous full-blown rose was by her side.

My Mother’s Perfume

She smiled in the mirror

while braiding her hair

with fair daisies.


She pinned them tightly

then draped on her

Rosy-pink saree like in 1980s.


Her face gleamed with joy

The kohl in her doe-eyes

Was a reason to many broken-hearted cries.


The pink lily talcum perfumed her cheeks

I look at her fondly

as Amma walks past me

like a summer breeze.








Day 55

Perfumed glowing light,

Spreading fragrance in the air.

Jasmine, in my abode.

I deeply inhale.

To catch a whiff of your aroma.

You stir up my senses.

So I close my eyes and revel

In your sweet perfumed embrace.