That’s What He Said

He took a long deep breath
& plopped on the couch.
Weekends need to be this way,
Good conversations,
Good company,
Good food,
So relaxing, so restful
& went back to reading a book.


How do we describe this feeling?
This feeling of going unnoticed,
In a world filled with billions of people.
Trapped inside the houses with no where to go.
This pandemic,
This threat,
This worry!
People are panicking,
People are worried,
People are complaining,
People are depressed.

“Are you listening to me?
Are you watching me?
I need attention, give it to me!”

We are craving to return to live our normal lives.
Dreaming of walking freely outside.
The only question that is at all times on our minds.

And, what do we do as we wait?
We breathe.
Till then we breathe!
We take the longest deep breaths.
To calm our unsettling and restless minds.



A beautiful emotion,

the lesser said the better.

It is a feeling that needs

to be experienced.


Love is best seen in the eyes of your loved ones.

You know when that affectionate warmth is meant just for you.

You know that their hearts melt

when their lips slowly turn into a smile

every time they see you.

You know your love would give up everything

just to be with you.


Love is a feeling that slowly kills

a little bit of you,

yet you love..

Because it keeps you alive.




Unfinished Puppy Love

She came sprinting towards me.

In her twinkling tiny eyes I could sense excitement. I was stunned by her beauty, her long fluffy hair, had a lustrous sheen. Under the bright afternoon sun, it seemed like she was glistening. There was a strange kind of familiarity, I felt like she belonged with me.

Looking at her run towards me, I couldn’t help but smiled wider. She was super energetic, she rubbed against my legs, licked my fingers, and rested her head on my palm so dearly.

“Luna!” he called. I turned to look up at her parent.

He smiled kindly and said, “Isn’t she friendly?”

“Yes, very” I said and smiled back at him, but Luna wanted all of my attention and wouldn’t let me talk.

I went back to fondling her soft furry neck, I bent down and hugged her, and stroked her back affectionately.

He started walking and said, “Alright then, you have a great day!”

“Come Luna”, he said and just like that, he took Luna away from me so easily.

I shouted, “See you around!”

I turned to look back at Luna, she didn’t turn. She had already found new company, she was busy getting fondled again, this time by little kids.