Unfinished Puppy Love

She came sprinting towards me.

In her twinkling tiny eyes I could sense excitement. I was stunned by her beauty, her long fluffy hair, had a lustrous sheen. Under the bright afternoon sun, it seemed like she was glistening. There was a strange kind of familiarity, I felt like she belonged with me.

Looking at her run towards me, I couldn’t help but smiled wider. She was super energetic, she rubbed against my legs, licked my fingers, and rested her head on my palm so dearly.

“Luna!” he called. I turned to look up at her parent.

He smiled kindly and said, “Isn’t she friendly?”

“Yes, very” I said and smiled back at him, but Luna wanted all of my attention and wouldn’t let me talk.

I went back to fondling her soft furry neck, I bent down and hugged her, and stroked her back affectionately.

He started walking and said, “Alright then, you have a great day!”

“Come Luna”, he said and just like that, he took Luna away from me so easily.

I shouted, “See you around!”

I turned to look back at Luna, she didn’t turn. She had already found new company, she was busy getting fondled again, this time by little kids.