Today, I will rise and stretch like a cat.
Yawn real loud and open my mouth as wide as I can.
Draw open the curtains and smile.
Embrace the warmth of sunshine.

Today, I will not worry about the mistakes of yesterday.
I will start the day by being kind to myself and the people around me.
I will take time to work on a hobby that brings me joy.
I will be thankful and show gratitude for what surrounds me.

Today, is going to be another day away from family and friends
I will not crib or complain,
I will tell myself to hold on to hope.
As in my heart they are not far away.

What is Your Idea of a Cosy Time?

*A cup of coffee with a chocolate chip cookie on the side.

*Turning out the lights and lighting up a few candles/fairy lights.

*Lying on the grass and looking up the sky.

*Cuddling on the couch with your fuzzy kitten/puppy.

*Sharing a blanket and watching a movie with your love.

*Lying on the bed with headphones and listening to your favorite music.

*Reading a book by the window while drinking hot chocolate.

*Staying up all night and sharing stories with your best friend.

*A cup of tea when it’s raining outside.

*Reading bedtime stories to your little ones.

*Writing a poem late at night.

*A long soak in a hot tub with scented candles.

*Sitting on your comfy armchair by the fireplace reading the daily newspaper.

*Rewatching old favorite movies for the 1000th time with a bag of chips.

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About Mornings

Day 53

There is something about mornings.

A fresh dampness in the air,

Calm, undisturbed terrain.

Light grey clouded skies.

Soft breeze rustling the leaves.

and birds chirping from afar.

The undisturbed innocence of the morning mind

Helps in appreciating these little things of life.

Drifting Off

Day 3

I’ve had a long weary day,

Let me sleep.

I’ve completed dreary chores,

Being half asleep.

I’ve dragged myself home

In hopes of magical dreams.

Don’t hold me back now

Give me no more tasks now

The couch is waiting for me

and I need to sleep.

..and another day

With the crack of dawn

I rose..

like the crispness in the air.

I smiled a while and looked ahead

At the hazy clouds in the light blue sky.

I give a thought to what I have become

And close my eyes for a second.

I open them again

Look for rays of hope for my actions.

Take a deep breath, smell the freshness in the air

& go back in to live another day.