Many Questions

Day 15

When your thoughts pull you down,

Will you shut them off?

When you are confused,

How do you make a decision to choose?

When you feel afraid,

Do you escape?

When you are lost,

Will you try finding a path?

When you are sad and need love,

Will a hug suffice?

When you need answers,

Whom does one ask the many questions?


i lie here again waiting for the words to come flowing

to help me describe what’s been going

how do i begin my glorious story

a lost soul in a herd constantly seeking for glory

why do i feel i do not belong

thoughts, actions, and intentions

unwanted and sometimes so wrong

they judge and look at me with hateful eyes

i look down and walk ahead

sometimes with a smirk 

sometimes with fear and anguish on my mind

why am i unlike the others

staying aloof,

hurting people whom i like,

it’s not that i like to always be alone,

it’s just my racing unsteady mind,

unsatisfied with what’s in hand.