The Sparrow

It perched on my windowsill
Looking for a tidbit;
A place to rest its weary self,
Eyeing the view.

I drew close, in awe of its silhouette
Deep, black lined eyes,
Rotund, fragile, and beautiful.

But the sight of me made it retreat
Farther and farther on the tiny rim.
Until it could no longer stand
And away it flew;
So quick, so sudden, so soon.

– Madhumita Paul

A lovely poem contributed by my dearest friend Madhumita Paul. Thank you for sharing this with me and the community. If you enjoyed reading this, then don’t forget to show your love and support by liking or commenting below. Looking forward to more of your writings! ❤

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Fancy Gardens

Day 7 Inktober – “Fancy”

She loved watching the birds in her garden but every time she tried to get close to them, they would fly away.

Every day, she would attempt by going a step closer. Alas, they would fly away.

Some days, she would make sure the birds watched her filling their empty water bowls and bird feeder, yet they never came close.

So, she turned herself into a fancy garden and was never alone again.