Deep, longing notes,
A slow melody.
Stirring emotions,
Sadly beautiful.

Picking up pace,
Hurried but serious,
Like a wave,
Rushing and reaching
Towards an unknown.

Confused thrumming of strings
Discovering and learning,
Experimenting even..
But never hesitating.

A sound of a human voice,
Calling, reaching out.
Smooth and blessed
Sounds like harmony.
A peaceful rhythm.

Her Wrath

A delicate soul.

Crush it not with the miseries of the world. 

Give it warmth, love, and attention.

It silently demands for a lot more. 

Withering in pain, burning brighter than the flames

It steers clear from emotions.

‘cos it knows it will be drowned in them.

Jealousy pierces like a thousand knives.

So, it decides to turn into a stone.

With tears of ice in its eyes.