Gathering Pieces

Her family was broken

She gathered pieces

Every single day

& put them together.

They would fall apart

Every single day.

With tears dropping from her eyes

She gathered the pieces

All over again.

With a single hope,

That some day

They realise through her

That no matter how difficult life gets

You need to keep aside your weakness

Put on a brave face

& keep your loved ones content.

Tea in Rain

A distant rumbling thunder.

There it comes,

Pitter-pattering rain and with it rises the fresh earthy scent of mud in the air.

Avni goes running out of her mud and straw hut with the pullu of her sari over her head, its tip clenched tightly between her teeth to prevent the pallu from falling.

She hurriedly grabs the washed clothes hanging on the fenced railing and runs back inside the hut.

After a while, white smoke rises from her hut.

Every time it rains, Avni brews tea.

She sits quietly and watches the foamy brown liquid come to a rapid boil.

After a minute, she removes the chai from the fire, pours it over a strainer and into two large mud cups.

She covers the cups with a lid, goes out running again and enters the hut opposite to hers.

Eighty-year old Ajjamma lives here and Avni is very fond of her.

The view from the other side of Ajjamma’s hut is beautiful. It overlooks a large pond with fields of corn surrounding it.

Every time it rains, Avni and Ajjamma sit by the doorstep of the hut in silence and drink chai. 

They watch raindrops splashing and creating bubbles of air in the pond, they watch the field of crops sway gently with the wind and they like the mist softly touching their skin. 

This is happiness to them, in each other’s company and their hot cup of tea.

Where the Crawdads Sing – Delia Owens

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Heart-felt|Drama|Mystery|Feel Good

One morning, Kya wakes up and watches her mother walk out of the door and she knows life will never be the same again. Where the Crawdads Sing is a story of a young girl left alone in an isolated marshland and an intriguing murder mystery of Chase Andrews.

Catherine Danielle Clark, commonly known as Kya, is the main protagonist. This six-year old girl learns to survive alone in the marshland when her dysfunctional family abandons her at an early age. The murder investigation is of handsome Chase Andrews, who is a popular kid in the neighborhood and his association with Kya, ends up making her a prime suspect. It is typical for readers to feel pity for Kya, however, author Delia Owens’ beautiful narration conveys how every weakness contains within itself a strength.

This fictional novel is written by debut author Delia Owens whose extensive knowledge in nature, wildlife, birds, and of course marshlands creates a beautiful imagery. It makes the book all the more interesting to read as it takes you closer to nature and you can truly experience Kya’s adventures and her intense connection with the natural world.

The growth of Kya’s character and the murder investigation gives this book a powerful and engrossing storyline. Your heart goes out to Kya when she waits in vain for her family to return. During times of loneliness and trouble Kya always relies on nature, her seagulls, and birds for companionship and solace. Then, Tate comes in the form of hope, who remains by Kya’s side as a friend, a great support, a mentor and a companion. When Kya gets a little confident, she meets Chase Andrews and tries to explore the other side of the world, until the unthinkable happens. This book takes you on a journey of emotions, there is sadness, fear, joy, pride, passion, love, hope, and peace. It is a wonderful tale of a “Marsh Girl”, a murder and nature’s secrets.

Where the Crawdads Sing is a fantastic piece of work and it is difficult to put down the book once you get into its world. I wanted to remain in it and did not want the story to end. All the hype about this novel is true, it is a must-read!