Oh, Chandelier!

Just one look,

Was all it took..

To seize my attention

To get my heart racing.

The dazzling lights

Made me dreamy,

Taking me back in time

To a world of royalty.

Where the time passed but slow..

All there was to admire

Were magnificent tapestries

Order of aristocracy

Glamour of shiny gems

& sumptuous crystal chandeliers.

An obsessive writer

Lost in his words.


He saw many..

Long tireless days,

Sleepless nights.


Never stopping.

Lost in his words.


When the time came to stop

He did not understand

What is reality, what is life..

Until he completely lost his mind.

We Live Once

The theme of war is popular in movies.

Every single story which is based on war has made hearts weep and tormented minds with grief.

Yet we fight.

We make movies and we write stories on war with an eternal hope that someday man will realize the consequences of war and stop it once and for all.

It is a sad reality of this world where no matter how much one tries to promote peace, somewhere in some part of the world, soldiers continue to fight and innocents continue to die.

Man fights man by wrecking havoc in each other’s lives. They understand war only spreads sorrow and causes misery..yet they continue to fight.

Whose fight is it anyway?

When will there be a time where all of us will live together, forgetting about power, differences in culture, color of the skin, and religion?

We are only a speck of dust in this universe, when will we understand this and learn to embrace life?

Let us be grateful for being alive, so spread love, peace, and joy every single day of your life.

animal army battle canine
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Unfinished Puppy Love

She came sprinting towards me.

In her twinkling tiny eyes I could sense excitement. I was stunned by her beauty, her long fluffy hair, had a lustrous sheen. Under the bright afternoon sun, it seemed like she was glistening. There was a strange kind of familiarity, I felt like she belonged with me.

Looking at her run towards me, I couldn’t help but smiled wider. She was super energetic, she rubbed against my legs, licked my fingers, and rested her head on my palm so dearly.

“Luna!” he called. I turned to look up at her parent.

He smiled kindly and said, “Isn’t she friendly?”

“Yes, very” I said and smiled back at him, but Luna wanted all of my attention and wouldn’t let me talk.

I went back to fondling her soft furry neck, I bent down and hugged her, and stroked her back affectionately.

He started walking and said, “Alright then, you have a great day!”

“Come Luna”, he said and just like that, he took Luna away from me so easily.

I shouted, “See you around!”

I turned to look back at Luna, she didn’t turn. She had already found new company, she was busy getting fondled again, this time by little kids.

I Watched Him

He stood long and alone,

With feet buried in the soft, warm sand.

He looked vacantly ahead at the ocean

Watching the waves rise angrily

Thrashing into each other

falling down,

then flowing away calmly into the ocean again.


He stood long and alone,

Till the sun began to set

turning the sky into red.

He buried his hands into his pockets

and continued staring ahead.