Her One-sided Love Story

She asked me to write a story about her one-sided love.

It was all just alive in her mind.

She had created scenes that had never happened. She imagined the words that he had never said.

She lived in a world of dreams.

She thought he was her prince.

Silly girl, what was she thinking, he only spoke to her once and she gave away her heart so easily.

While, he had forgotten about her and went on with living his life, the girl continued thinking about him and hoping that he would call.

Now, many years have passed.

In a random conversation, she tells me.. that she is still in love with him and that she knows where he lives. But she dare not make an effort to reach out for him because she has a family to care about.

She only has one burning desire.. and that is to get on her best friend’s nerves and waste her time by giggling and talking about the stories from her past.

Rambling on One’s Life

When life gives you with options, one always wonders, what is the best possible choice it can make for it to be the right decision..

When one has the time in hand, one feels guilty about not making productive use of it.

But, what does that mean? Does working for somebody else make one productive only because one can get money out of it?

But, is it right to be the master of one’s own life? To only do things that make one happy. Is it being selfish or is it just self-love?

When one spends all the time doing things that mean nothing to the outside world, but everything to yourself, is it good enough? Is it called art?

Or, when one spends all the time doing things for others without giving importance to one’s own desires is that good enough? Is it called a successful career?

What one fails to realize is, it is one’s own life. One should choose to do whatever it wishes to do without worrying about what the others do, what the others think, and what the others might say.

There is no purpose to fulfill in this world. There are many ways of looking at life. There are different paths to explore and innumerable things to learn. All one needs to do is learn to survive and choose to always remain happy.

..and the tree said..

“the cold, harsh winter withered me away.

It left me with nothing

but barrenness.

You saw through my emptiness..

You stood there for hours looking at my

crooked arms and shriveled body.

Though I had nothing upon me,

you always looked at me with a smile and exclaimed,

“So beautiful!”

and now the sun shines down upon me

making me warm

slowly bringing me back to life.

and now just for you my dear,

I will gather all my fallen leaves

and bloom like I’ve never before.

my leaves will dance when you move.

my blushing blossoms will paint rosiness on your cheeks.

the sweet fragrance from my wild flowers

will bury itself in your soft black curls.

my breeze will touch ever so lightly,

and kiss your face.

then I will watch you,

like you always did..

I will watch you, smiling at me again.”

Gently Falls the Bakula – Sudha Murthy


If you are looking for a simple and a sweet short story to read, then Gently Falls the Bakula is a great pick for a slow Sunday afternoon. Like a breeze, this story will take you into the beautiful small town of South Karnataka called Hubli, where the childhood love of the two protagonists, Shrimati and Shrikant, blossoms under the evergreen Bakula tree.

Shrimati and Shrikant are competitive, intellectual classmates and neighbors who soon turn into friends, they eventually fall in love with each other and then get married. However, this book is not just a sweet love story. It’s also about how Shrikant being an over-ambitious husband gets caught up in climbing the ladder of success in the corporate world and ends up ignoring the aspirations and dreams of his wife. Shrimati being an equally smart and intelligent woman, gives up her career and her love for history only to support her husband, Shrikant. She silently and submissively lives her life fulfilling the demands of her husband, while pushing aside her own desires and needs. After years of dominance and neglect, Shrimati finally decides to give importance to her own life and pursues her dreams.

This book deals with the old stereotypes of male dominance, submissiveness of women, women empowerment, gender equality, and small town mentality. Gently Falls the Bakula is beautifully written by the famous Indian author, Sudha Murthy.  The book highlights how one needs to give equal importance to work and family. While pursuing ambitions and fulfilling individualist dreams, one must not go so far ahead that they end up leaving behind their family and loved ones. This book is an interesting read and I recommend that you give yourself the time to indulge in this easy to read and extremely well-written, sweet short story.

Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl


There are many self-help books and then there is this little gem of a book. Isn’t the title absolutely captivating? We all go through the phase of existential crisis at least once in our lifetime. We all wonder what is the purpose of our lives? While some of us, have it all figured out, there are some of us who still wonder what’s the true meaning of life? And, if we do not have a hand to guide us in the right direction, then the search never seems to end. I am thankful that I found this life-changing book at just the right time when I had no clue as to where I was heading in my life. I randomly picked this book during a bus journey while I was stuck in traffic and I am certain I couldn’t have picked a better book.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

“It did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us. We needed to stop asking about the meaning of life, and instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life—daily and hourly. Our answer must consist, not in talk and meditation, but in right action and in right conduct. Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the tasks which it constantly sets for each individual.”

In this book, Viktor E. Frankl also talks about the concept of Logotherapy which is based on existential analysis. He explains how one can always find a purpose in life even when the circumstances are miserable.

“For in every case man retains the freedom and the possibility of deciding for or against the influence of his surroundings.”

Man’s Search for Meaning, is one incredible book and is a must-read. This book can help us feel good about ourselves and appreciate life better. It teaches us how we need to be thankful of what we have and make the most of our freedom. In the end, what truly matters is for us to never give up on love and hope. 


Snow-clad, bare-naked trees

Stood tall and still,

embracing the harshness of the weather.

Many glanced at their barrenness and looked away..

Many stared and related their miserable lives to them..

Many looked up and drew artistic inspiration..

Many lay at their feet and enjoyed the view of the clouded skies..

Admiration and disapproval,

Both seem to come their way.

But do they care?

They continue standing tall and still,

Embracing the winds of change.