Dreadful Deed

Day 58

Step into the darkness

Hold on to my hand

I will guide you alright.

Heard some whispers?

Never mind them,

Just stay on beside me!

Shadows on the walls,

Crumble of the rocks,

A howling call of the wolf,

Let them not scare you a bit

With my coldness around you

You know you will be just alright.

Berry Lust

Day 57

Oh, dear delicious berry

In red, black and blue

Lord, the sweetness

How I crave for you!

Is it the season or just my desire

That I wish to desperately savour you.

In jellies, jams, juices and cheese cakes

I have thought merely of you.

My sweet, sour, pulpy, juicy berries

All I want is you!

Riding the Waves

Day 56

I was riding the ocean.

Soft, steady waves.

Slowly began to increase in tide.

I wavered a bit but held on tight.

I quickly learnt to tame them

They were pulling me deeper

Right into the middle

Rain poured down upon me

The roar and anger of the ocean

Shook my soul but I kept going

Then a deathly wave rose and engulfed me

I was deep inside, sinking within

Not afraid but embracing it.

Fighting it, until I rose again.


Day 55

Perfumed glowing light,

Spreading fragrance in the air.

Jasmine, in my abode.

I deeply inhale.

To catch a whiff of your aroma.

You stir up my senses.

So I close my eyes and revel

In your sweet perfumed embrace.


Day 54

A strong hush of wind came blowing upon.

Instinctively the hand covered the eyes.

Pushing aside the tresses.

With worried freckles.

Looking around for shelter.

‘Like a scenic plot in a book’ –

Was standing a straw hut close by.

Walking towards it, holding up,

the large red gown with both hands.

Upon entering found an old maiden

She looked disinterestedly and nodded.

The rest of the night was spent there.

About Mornings

Day 53

There is something about mornings.

A fresh dampness in the air,

Calm, undisturbed terrain.

Light grey clouded skies.

Soft breeze rustling the leaves.

and birds chirping from afar.

The undisturbed innocence of the morning mind

Helps in appreciating these little things of life.

Is beautiful

Day 52

Stretch of barren land.

Desert rose, faltering petals.

Tombstones, serene cemetery.

Rising, grey dark clouds.

Bare isolated, autumn tree.

Fallen lonely, maple leaf.

Old dusty, deserted library.

Fallen shoe, on an empty road.

Rusty green, park bench.

And her tranquil gaze.

Found beauty in all of these.


Day 51

Like a flower,

Your kind kinship blossoms my life.

Your negligence and anger

Pierces through my mind and heart.

Making me shallow,

Wringing the inside of my soul.

And I still do not hate you.

I feel you stronger in me than ever before.

You are so good that no matter how much it hurts.

I bond with you a little more than the day before.

Girls Out

Day 50

How a long day goes by with girls.

Like a perfumed breeze.

Dressing up to the nines.

Striped dresses and polka tops.

Holding hands, crossing streets,

Sharing lives and rolling eyes.

Over laughter and chatter,

Toasts were raised with wine and beer.

Traffic in Bangalore

Day 49

Honking incessantly,

Stressing me out as I drive.

Cutting into my lane,

Driving around like a maniac,

What are you, a stuntman?

Where are you really heading?

‘Cos I’m curious to know.

What did you achieve by overtaking me,

Well, you are still here in front of me,

Stuck in the traffic, same as me.

Then why the uncouth, barbaric behaviour?

Why make it so hard,

When I need to switch lanes

– mind you, with the Indicator On!

I’m following the rules.

I’m accommodating you..

Then why do you need to give me,

Your random angry stares,

While sitting on your throne of threats.

Did you derive some pleasure?

By ill-treating me?

Why is the world going berserk?

Some calmness, a little harmony,

Humanity, respect and some manners.

Did I ask for too much?

Silly of me!