A Storm’s Coming

Day 68

Ghastly dark clouded sky,

Is this a warning, asking us to hide?

Lightning has begun to strike,

You are soon going to pour down

With all your might.

I fear what’s coming on tonight.

Show mercy, cause no havoc this time.

I Miss You

Day 67

I miss you,

When I look at the radiant full moon,

I miss you,

When I turn around and not find you by my side.

I miss you,

Thinking of the jokes you cracked to make me laugh.

I miss you,

Upon learning how easy you make my life.

I miss you,

in the emptiness of my room.

I miss you,

Every time I close my eyes.

The tears never seem to dry,

Come back soon the love of my life.

You Yearn For..

Day 66

The ineffable mysteries of the soul

Has many untold endless desires –

Needless appetite for mastery,

Wretched craving for possessions,

Delusory hope for enlightenment,

Bountiful want of happiness,

Intense moments of fierce passion,

Perpetual period of peacefulness.

Someone Looking Out for You

Day 65

When was the last time

You heard a comforting voice.

When did you last earn

A genuine loving smile.

When did you hold on tight

To a warm hand of concern.

When did somebody whisper

A few words of wisdom.

When there are rays of hope..

Filled with gestures of love..

You can always live life a little more.

Eyes of a Stranger

Day 64

Those wide eager eyes,

Relentlessly peering into mine,

Tirelessly seeking for answers,

From the depths of my soul.

I look warily

Not giving away so easily

There’s uncertainty and reluctance

So to hide the brimming emotions

I blink and look away.

Rain Over Me

Day 63

The season has changed

It has begun to rain

Gusts of wind

Blow over the terrain

Rising dust in the air.

Darkness casts its shadow again

Hail thunderstorm

Here comes the rain

Pouring down all over again.

Shine on me Wisdom

Day 62

Give me inspiration, oh lord!

To write a few words,

That sound pleasing to the heart.

I am yet to complete my daily tasks,

Before I return to my chamber of slumber.

Strike me with a divine light of wisdom, dear God.

So I can learn to master,

The art of meeting with triumph

and not the disaster.

Quit Staring

Day 61

I write this note

To say a few things to you

Please do not stare at my b**bs

What’s wrong with you?

It makes me uncomfortable

I never look at your dangler

Hidden deep in your wrangler

Why so disrespectful

My, so ill-mannered!

A Girl’s Tale

Day 60

I’m wickedly passionate

Thoroughly delightful.

My mysterious charm

Will truly enchant you.

A fragrant passing breeze

Or a joyful ecstasy

Just one gaze will totally bewilder you.